Are Shimano Spinning Reels Good? Everything You Should Know

Shimano is one of the world’s largest fishing gear manufacturers that offers a wide range of high-quality spinning reels for a reasonable price range. That said, the question that every fisher has in mind about these reels is that “are Shimano Spinning Reels Good?”

To answer shortly, Shimano produce excellent reels and the brand is well-renowned globally for its quality and finesse. 

Shimano has been producing fishing reels since 1978 and has constantly upgraded both design and features to improve performance. 

Are Shimano Spinning Reels Good Everything You Should Know

That’s the reason Shimano now has a wide range of series when it comes to spinning reels. 

There are a number of reasons why Shimano spinning reels are considered the best. Let’s discuss them one by one. 

What makes Shimano Spinning Reels the Best?

Each of the Shimano Spinning Reel series comes equipped with its own unique set of features. However, the underlying construction and quality remain the same. 

What makes Shimano Spinning Reels the Best

These underlying pillars are the reason each of Shimano’s series has earned popularity throughout the years. You may also like to check Who Makes Shimano Reels?

Durability and Rigidity

A fishing reel is only as good as it is durable. If your fishing reel cannot handle the pressure, it will break into a fishing tackle and ruin your experience. 

Shimano focuses most on the durability and rigidity of the reel. Most of the Shimano spinning reels have metal construction, while some of the more expensive ones have carbon fiber construction. 

Shimano’s premium Hagane body construction enhances the durability and rigidity of the reel, allowing it to withstand the toughest of tackles. 

Gear and Built

The performance of any fishing reel comes down to the performance of gears. Shimano, without a doubt, has figured out how to take the most out of these gears. 

Instead of using machine-cut gear teeth, Shimano utilizes 3D designing tools to design the gear teeth to their minute detail and then craft them using cold forging technology. 

The flagship series models of Shimano also incorporate the Micro Module II design which has more gear teeth to increase contact points for higher performance. 

Hagane gears are the exclusive and flagship feature of Shimano. The best part is that even Shimano Sedona, which is a budget-friendly series, is equipped with Hagane gear technology. 


One of the most important features that give Shimano a clear edge over its competitors is the diversity of models, designs, and budget range. 

Shimano literally has a fishing reel for everyone, and I mean everyone. Whether you are a beginner, a professional, a tournament champion, or a newbie who knows nothing about fishing, Shimano will provide you with a perfect reel. 

First of all, Shimano has a wide range of sub-brands and series that are specifically suited for various types of fishing to suit an angler’s specific needs. 

These include Sedona, Stella, Stardic, Thunnus, Sienna, Sahara, Ultrega, Vanford, Sustain, NASCI, and many more. 

Shimano Stella is the most advanced, highest performing, strongest, and most popular spinning reel for high-grade professionals who are going after the biggest of prizes. 

Each of these sub-brands also has various models in the same series to suit budget and size needs. 

In terms of budget, Shimano reels start under 50 dollars and go higher than 1000 dollars as well. Shimano Stella is the best of the lot and is also highly expensive. 

Drag and Other Features

Drag is also one of the most crucial factors in a spinning reel. Shimano reels have a good drag limit and you can always purchase an advanced model for higher drag. 

The feature is responsible for the resistance your fish will face before your reel starts spinning backward. Drag doesn’t let the line break, but takes it to its maximum tension limit. 

Shimano spinning reels, good ones, are equipped with Cross Carbon Drag System. 

Cross Carbon Drag is an upgraded drag system that enables compact spinning reels to have a higher drag limit and more drag setting options. 

Recommended by Professionals

I have never met an angler or a professional fisherman who was not aware of the brand Shimano. 

Even people who didn’t own a Shimano spinning reel wanted to own one as soon as they could afford to. 

Yes, it is true that several of the good models of Shimano do not fall into the low budget range, which makes them difficult to get. 

However, you can always select from the budget-friendly models for the time and later upgrade to a more suitable model. 

Shimano Stella and Vanford series are recommended by professionals the most. Shimano Sedona is a reasonable spinning reel that helps you compromise for refined features in exchange for a reasonable price and premium quality base features. 

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Ranking Shimano Spinning Reels—4 Best Shimano Spinning Reels

I have come across 4 Shimano spinning reel series that I consider the best among the rest. 

All of these fall into different price ranges, so I will be ranking Shimano spinning reels by price, high to low. 

Here’s a quick summary of these amazing spinning reel series. Check Best Shimano Spinning Reels.

Shimano Stella

Shimano Stella

Shimano Stella is designed for professional saltwater anglers who are going after the biggest of prizes. To tame a monster, you need a whip up to the task. 

The Shimano Stella series introduces to us some of the most highly featured spinning reels that have the best of the best features and materials. 

However, it is also one of the most expensive models by Shimano. So, most anglers and fishermen can’t even afford it. Check How To Clean And Lube Shimano Spinning Reels?

Still, it has remained one of the most desired and sought-after fishing reels. Phenomenal performance, the most refined features, and the smoothest drag are some of the major advantages of Shimano Stella. 

Shimano Vanford

Shimano Vanford

Shimano Vanford is one of the most versatile spinning reels that comes in a compact and lightweight design. 

Although it is missing some of the most refined features of Stella, Vanford is still a good reel equipped with plenty of features of its own. 

With MGL Rotor, Micro Module Gear II design, Hagane Gearing Technology, and CI4+ body construction, the Vanford series offers premium-grade performance that isn’t easy to beat. 

In its price point, Vanford is a champion and easily provides you an edge over your competitors. 

Shimano Stradic

Shimano Stradic

Stradic is a revolutionary series by Shimano that has been constantly upgraded and improved throughout the years. 

The current Stradic flagship model provides one of the smoothest performances for both inshore and offshore fishing ventures. 

With Hagane Construction, Cross Carbon Drag, G-free body, Propulsion Line Management System, and X-protect water repulsion, the reel provides absolutely amazing performance. 

Also, Shimano Stradic has a wide range of sizes and models available that will suit both freshwater and saltwater anglers. So, it is also a versatile fishing reel. 

Shimano Sedona

Shimano Sedona

Shimano Sedona is a budget-friendly series by Shimano that ranges between 60 and 120 dollars approximately.

The flagship model in the Sedona series is quite reasonable and comes with surprisingly good features that one would not expect at a price this low. 

Propulsion Line Management System, Varispeed 2 technology, and G-Free body design combined with Hagane gearing technology take the performance of this spinning reel to the next level. 

So, those who are running low on budget can get a taste of premium-grade features at a low price. 

Due to this much-need diversity in Shimano spinning reels, in my opinion, they are certainly the best. 

Are Baitcasters better than Spinning Reels? 

Baitcasters are preferred by professional and advanced fishermen because of their ability to work with a wider range of baits and lines. 

Are Baitcasters better than Spinning Reels 

The accuracy of baitcasters is also higher and it really enhances your fishing experience. 

So, why do people prefer spinning reels on baitcasters?

Baitcast reels, despite their amazing features and quality, require an experienced fisherman behind the handle. They are neither easy to use nor easy to learn. 

Not to mention Baitcast reels are more expensive. So, when looking for finesse and ease of use, people prefer spinning reels. 

You can view spinning reels as a combination of baitcasting and spincast reels, both of which were quite opposite of each other. 

So, fishermen who want to fish in saltwater while retaining ease of use and finesses prefer spinning reels on baitcasting reels. 

Moreover, spinning reels have easier maintenance, have less backlash, and are also more versatile. You can also change the spool of the spinning reel very easily. 

Overall, for those who need better accuracy with heavy lures and lines, Baitcast reels are better. 

Do Shimano Spinning Reels Backlash?

Baitcasters have more backlash while spinning reels in general claim to negate the backlash. 

However, some backlash is still present based on the line casting ability of the angler or fisherman. 

Do Shimano Spinning Reels Backlash

Shimano increases the odds in favor of the angler by incorporating Propulsion Line Management Technology. 

This advanced technology makes casting easier, manages the cast line in a better fashion, and eliminates backlash completely. 

Hence, you have an easier time casting with spinning reels without any risk of backlash or wind knots. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Shimano is one of the best spinning reel brands in the world. Every fisherman and angler is familiar with Shimano and the professionals highly recommend it. Shimano has introduced dozens of spinning reel series in the past 42 years.

Yes, Shimano spinning reels are one of the best on the market. They outshine their competition in both prices and features. They have a wide range of spinning reels, each suited to a specific purpose or specific needs of an angler. 

Shimano is certainly better than Daiwa. Although, in terms of quality, material, and functionality Shimano and Daiwa are both strong competitors. But overall consideration, Shimano offers better features and performance than Daiwa. 

Shimano is, without a doubt, the best brand of spinning reels. The brand has been producing and upgrading fishing reels for almost 42 years now. They constantly upgraded their reels in terms of performance, design, and functionality. 

Wrapping Up!

One cannot deny the advantages of having a Shimano spinning reel by your side. Shimano is a well-renowned brand and its spinning reels are the best on the market. 

While we have shared some of these spinning reels above, there are dozens of others that you can explore. 

Durability and performance are promises of Shimano that have never been broken. I personally have been using Shimano spinning reels for about 10 years and it has yet to disappoint. 

So, they are not just good, but certainly one of the best. Yes, there are some strong competitors in the market, but Shimano outshines them all. 

If you have any questions, you can drop them in the comment section below and I will get back to you. 

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