Best Grease For Shimano Spinning Reels Reviews (2024)

Best Grease For Shimano Spinning Reels Reviews (2024)

Ever wondered what keeps your fishing reels happy and working smoothly? Well, it’s all about the right grease!

Today, we’re discussing the best grease for Shimano spinning reels—those trusty companions on your fishing adventures. 

Think of it like giving your reel a little spa day. We’ll explore three special greases with superpowers, ensuring your reels stay in tip-top shape.

So, let’s dive into the world of reel care, where the right grease becomes the unsung hero, making your fishing moments even more magical! 

3 Products for the Best Grease For Shimano Spinning Reels 

Let’s discuss our top three products for Best Grease For Shimano Spinning Reels below:

  1. SHIMANO Dura-Ace Grease

This 50-gram Shimano Dura-Ace Grease is a versatile lubricant suitable for cables, pivots, and various components.

A flash point of 200 degrees Celsius ensures reliable performance under varying conditions. Ideal for cables, pivots, and multiple reel components.

The 50-gram packaging is convenient for easy application and storage.

It maintains stability under high temperatures with a flash point of 200 degrees Celsius. Shimano’s reputable brand ensures a reliable and effective product.

  • Versatile Use
  • Compact Size
  • High Flash Point
  • Quality Brand

  • Limited Package Size
  • Generic Color

Personal Review

The smoothness in operation was noticeable after applying the SHIMANO Dura-Ace Grease to my reel’s pivotal points.

While the compact size suits basic maintenance, those with larger reel collections might consider its limitations.

  1. SHIMANO Internal Hub Grease

Shimano’s Internal Hub Grease, packaged in a tube, offers 1 liter of premium grease specifically designed for Shimano Dura Ace applications.

This grease ensures optimal performance and protection against wear and tear. A generous 1-liter volume suits extensive maintenance needs.

Tailored for Shimano Dura Ace applications, guaranteeing compatibility. This grease maintains the high standards associated with the Dura Ace series.

The tube design allows for precise application without mess.

  • Ample Quantity
  • Specialized Formula
  • Premium Quality
  • Convenient Packaging

  • Higher Price Point
  • Limited Application

Personal Review

As an enthusiast of the Dura Ace series, I found the SHIMANO Internal Hub Grease to be a perfect match.

The ample quantity suits my extensive reel collection, ensuring each reel receives the care it deserves.

  1. SHIMANO Internal Hub Grease 100g

With a volume of 100 grams, this SHIMANO Internal Hub Grease is designed to keep gear changes smooth and hassle-free.

Its corrosion-inhibiting properties protect water and road muck. The 100-gram volume strikes a balance between compactness and usability.

Shields against rust and corrosion caused by water and road debris.Dual functionality for enhanced gear performance.

Backed by Shimano’s reputation for quality and innovation.

  • Optimal Size
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Brand Reliability
  • Internal Hub Grease + Stabilizer

  • Brand Reliability
  • Specific Use

Personal Review

Applying the SHIMANO Internal Hub Grease 100g to my reels has noticeably improved gear changes.

While the quantity suits regular maintenance, those with larger collections may find it more suited for specific reels.

Best Grease For Shimano Spinning Reels Buying Guide

In this comprehensive buying guide, let’s break down the factors you must consider when picking the best grease for your Shimano spinning reel.

1. Compatibility: The Perfect Match

First, make sure the grease is compatible with your Shimano spinning reel.

Different reels have different needs, so choosing a grease that aligns with your specific reel model is crucial.

Checking the manufacturer’s recommendations or consulting your reel’s manual is smart.

2. Volume: How Much is Enough?

Consider the volume of grease you’ll need. Opting for larger volumes might be practical if you have a sizeable collection of reels or plan on regular maintenance.

On the other hand, if you have just one or two reels, a smaller quantity might suffice. Strike a balance between having enough for thorough maintenance and avoiding unnecessary excess.

3. Corrosion Protection: Shielding Against the Elements

Fishing environments can be harsh, especially in saltwater conditions. Look for greases with corrosion-inhibiting properties.

These formulas create a protective barrier, preventing rust and corrosion caused by exposure to water and debris. It’s like giving your reel a shield against the elements.

4. Brand Trust: Sticking with the Pros

Brand reputation matters. Choosing a grease from a reputable brand like Shimano ensures you get a product designed with the same precision and innovation as your reel.

Stick with brands known for their quality – it’s a smart investment in the health of your fishing gear.

5. Ease of Application: Less Mess, More Joy

Nobody wants a messy reel-cleaning session. Opt for greases with user-friendly packaging and application methods.

Tube designs and compact containers make applying the grease precise and less prone to mess. The last thing you want is to spend more time cleaning up than fishing.

6. Versatility: One Grease, Many Uses

While specificity is key, having a grease that can be used on various reel components is a plus.

Some greases are versatile enough for cables, pivots, and other reel parts. This versatility ensures you’re not juggling different greases for different tasks.


While they are designed for Shimano reels, they can be used on other brands with similar components.

Regular application, depending on usage, is recommended, typically every 6-12 months.

Yes, these greases are formulated to resist corrosion, making them suitable for saltwater conditions.


In conclusion, selecting the best grease for Shimano spinning reels involves balancing compatibility, quantity, and protective features.

The SHIMANO Dura-Ace Grease, SHIMANO Internal Hub Grease, and SHIMANO Internal Hub Grease 100g cater to different maintenance needs. 

As a dedicated angler, choosing the right grease ensures that my Shimano spinning reels perform at their best, enhancing my overall fishing experience.

The pursuit of the perfect catch begins with well-maintained gear.

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