Caring For Shimano Spinning Reels: Learn How To Take Care of A Shimano Reel

Caring For Shimano Spinning Reels: Learn How To Take Care of A Shimano Reel

Shimano is a big name in the world of spinning reels manufacturers. They’re known to make different types of spinning reels for different types of fishing.

Still, their Shimano reels are the most famous because of their durability,  useful features and smooth performance.

However, despite being durable, there are some tips for caring for the Shimano Spinning reel that you must follow. 

If you don’t take care of the reels, it’ll lead to reduced performance, corrosion, Deterioration of the Drag System, increased wear and tear and many other issues.

So, what are the best tips for caring for Shimano Spinning reels? I’ve explained them in detail in this article. Take a look at it all the way through.

What Are Shimano Spinning Reels?

Shimano spinning reels are renowned for their affordability and user-friendly design. Equipped with numerous features, they are a go-to choice for anglers.

These reels feature a distinctive design with a fixed spool mounted perpendicular to the rod, allowing for smooth and efficient line release during casting. 

Hagane Body, one of Shimano’s most durable and rigid body constructions, ensures durability and minimises body flex.

Although the Shimano spinning reels are designed to last longer, you may have to invest in new ones or handle the costly repairs if you don’t take care of them properly. 

Why Is It Important To Care For Shimano Spinning Reels?

 Why Is It Important To Care For Shimano Spinning Reels?

Caring for Shimano spinning reels is crucial as if you don’t, the reels will have the following issues affecting their longevity and performance.

Prevent Corrosion:

Due to their smooth performance and other features, Shimano spinning reels are used for fishing in different types of waters, including saltwater.

The saltwater can get reel Corrosion if you keep using it without properly cleaning it. The corrosion will damage the components of the reel, which will cost a lot of money to repair. 

Smooth Operation:

Maintaining your fishing reel’s moving parts, such as gears and bearings, provides you a  smooth operation, making casting, retrieving, and playing fish easier.

You’ll have a better fishing experience with a well-maintained reel.

Prolong Lifespan:

Not properly caring for the Shimano reels, you’ll frequently have to go through premature wear and tear, again costing you money.

However, if you clean the reel every day and take other caring measures, the reel’s longevity will increase and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Preserve Drag System Functionality:

Having a good drag system is super important when you’re out fishing and hooking a big one.

It helps you control the tension on the line during the fight with the fish. 

Maintaining your drag system makes it work consistently and reliably when you need it the most.

Maintain Sensitivity:

Sensitivity plays an vital role for the spinning reel. It’s what makes you feel whether the fish is touching the spinning reel or has got into it, which helps you decide what to do next. 

Due to getting exposed to water frequently and then getting all of the dirt from it, the spinning reel starts to lose that sensitivity over time.

However, a well-maintained fishing reel will always have a good sensitivity, increasing the chances of you catching your favourite fish a lot more.

Retain Resale Value:

Upgradation is part of the fishing equipment because there are lots of new things coming up.

So, if you ever decide to sell your Shimano fishing reel, you won’t get a good price if you’ve not maintained it properly. 

If you take care of the reel, you’ll get a reasonable price, and with a little bit more money, you’ll get a new, upgraded Shimano spinning reel.

Maximise Fishing Performance:

Keeping Shimano spinning reels in good shape will ensure they perform at their best, casting accurately, retrieving smoothly, and giving anglers the control needed during fishing trips.

But now the question is, what are the best tips for caring for a Shimano Spinning reel? The next section will walk you through them. 

Best Tips for Caring for Shimano Spinning Reels

You can consider following the below-mentioned tips for caring for Shimano spinning reels. 

Clean After Each Use:

Whenever you return from the fishing trip, clean your Shimano spinning reel by steaming a gentle stream of water on all its components, including the spool, bail and other parts.

Disassemble for Deep Cleaning:

To make cleaning more effective and help you clean the components thoroughly, disassemble them.

By dissembling them, you’ll be able to clear the dirt, debris and grease from all parts of the spinning reel.

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for disassembling and assembling the reel is crucial.

Use a Soft Brush:

Your old toothbrush can do a great job cleaning all the accumulated dirt and grime. Just ensure that you don’t put too much pressure on the reel that may lead to any damage to the components.

Inspect and Clean the Drag System:

Regularly inspect and clean the drag system and apply grease if necessary. Maintaining a smooth and well-maintained drag system is essential for optimal performance.

Apply Reel Grease and Oil:

Lubricate moving parts with the manufacturer’s recommended reel grease and oil. Apply grease to gears and other components and oil to bearings. Make sure you follow the product’s instructions.

Check for Wear and Damage:

Make it a habit to inspect the Shimano spinning reels regularly to find any wear and damage.

The wear and tear can cause further damage to the reel if it is not repaired at the right time. Also, look for corrosion; if it’s there, try to clean it, as it can damage the components.

Handle with Clean Hands:

Avoid using dirty hands to clean the reel, as it’ll make it worse by transferring the dirt and the oil from your hands. Clean your hands properly before handling your reel. 

Avoid High-Pressure Water:

Using a gentle water steam is recommended for rinsing out the reel as putting the direct high-pressure water onto the reel can force it into the internal parts of the reel.

That can also lead to damage to the reel. 

Store Properly:

Store your Shimano spinning reel in a cool, dry place when it’s not in use. Use a reel cover if you want extra protection.

Follow Manufacturer Recommendations

You get a user manual with your Shimano spinning reel with maintenance tips.

So, I recommend you to please go through that and then think of caring for the Shimano spinning reels accordingly. 

You can also read the user manual on the manufacturer’s official website.

By following these Shimano Spinning reel maintenance tips, you can make your reel last longer and keep its performance smooth.

Final Words:

Caring for Shimano spinning reels is important as exposure to water and other dirt inside can damage its components.

The reel’s performance also gets affected when you don’t maintain it well.

Therefore, follow all of the maintenance tips for Shimano spinning reels I’ve discussed above. Happy Fishing!

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