1. Shimano Curado Spinning Rod – Best Review 2024

 Shimano Curado Spinning Rod

Fishing is a fun activity for all age groups. But the wrong fishing rod ruins all the fun, so if you want to enjoy fishing to the fullest, you should have an excellent fishing rod to complement your extraordinary skills.

This is why we are here today. In today’s article, we will highlight an amazing fishing rod that will let you catch plenty of fish, enjoy your time, and master your fishing skills. So stay tuned. Also you would love to read this Shimano Beastmaster Spinning Rod Review – Complete Guideline

Shimano Curado Spinning Rod

When it comes to fishing rods and accessories, no one beats Shimano; it is the favorite of many habitual fishers. The Shimano Curado fishing rod series is the latest in their legendary fishing tools collection. Let’s dive in to learn more about one of the best Shimano Curado Spinning Rods.

1. Shimano Curado Spinning Rod CDSX70MA

  • Brand: Shimano
  • Color: Multi
  • Material: Blend

Shimano is one of the most reliable fishing equipment brands, and their latest addition Shimano Curado Spinning Rod CDSX70MA is no less. Keep reading because this product will blow your mind with its exceptional features. So are you ready to explore what it has to offer you?

Its special design does wonders for people who go fishing near freshwater or light saltwater. What makes it best is its 7-foot medium-power which gives an edge to beginners and makes switching fishing techniques a cakewalk for anglers.

So whether you prefer spinning or casting, this fishing rod is built for you. Moreover, it rolls over super fast. So with Shimano Curado Spinning Rods, you get both sensitivity and versatility.

  • Lightweight
  • Great choice for finesse techniques
  • Durable
  • Costly

My favorite feature of this rod is its lightweightness, and it weighs only 0.3 pounds. It feels like you are holding a feather, but that doesn’t mean it will break easily.

It is built from high-quality graphite that gives it the required durability. Besides durability, graphite makes it sensitive to the prey and enhances responsiveness to many folds.

Additionally, to reduce friction and increase the overall strength of the rod, it has Fuji tangle-free K guides and FazLite that keep the fishing line tangles free regardless of the fishing line type.

Shimano Curado Spinning Rod

This superlight spinning rod’s weight-bearing power surprised me because I wasn’t expecting it to hold up to 8 pounds. Yes, the line rating of the Shimano Curado spinning rod is from 8 to 14 pounds. So even if you catch a heavy fish, this will not disappoint you.

Furthermore, its sensitivity, medium power, and versatility complimented my skills perfectly to a level that I left my friends in awe. So if you are skilled in drop shooting, shakey head fishing, or any other fishing technique, this is built for you.

Are you hesitating because it is an expensive spinning rod? Trust me, it is just a one-time investment, and the number of advantages it comes with is uncountable. So think wisely and decide whether Shimano Curado Spinning Rod CDSX70MA is worth the price.


Shimano Curado Spinning Rod CDSX70MA is available in many sizes and mediums. So if you can fish better with a spinning rod’s high or low medium power, you can choose it from the options before purchasing it. This makes it suitable for everyone regardless of their skills.

  • What Do I Like About Shimano Curado Spinning Rod CDSX70MA?

My grandpa took me whenever he wanted to go fishing, and I started enjoying it. Since then, I have developed a strange habit of collecting fishing equipment and love to experience fishing with my new stuff. And the one I am in love with these days is Shimano Curado Spinning Rod CDSX70MA because it lets me enjoy fishing like never before.

There are a lot of features of the Shimano Curado CDSX70MA that make me pick this spinning rod whenever I go out fishing. Everything about this fishing rod is so on point, like its versatility, line rating, and quick responsiveness, and how can I forget its maneuverability?

In short, it is an ideal fishing rod for many anglers. Whether you are skillful or not, you can put your trust in Shimano Curado without any doubt. Just wait and watch how quickly your bucket fills up with fish.


Undoubtedly Shimano produces one of the finest quality spinning rods in the world. The company keeps its legacy alive by introducing the best fishing rods and accessories annually.

The recommended fishing rod size for the spinning reels is 6.5 feet to 7 feet. So keep this in mind while choosing a spinning rod.

The only difference in the casting and spinning rods is of guides. In the casting rods, guides are in an upward direction, unlike spinning rods whose guides are faced downward. The direction of guides on a spinning rod also keeps the fishing line tangles free, which is a great advantage for beginners.

It’s not that bait casters are better than spinning rods. It’s just that the features of a casting rod suit are better for experienced anglers. Therefore, if you are a beginner, go for a spinning rod, as it is less complicated and less susceptible to tangles. While handling a bait caster is difficult, so the user should be experienced and have practiced fishing before.

Final Words

Shimano is a company that needs no introduction and has been making its customers happy for years. Undoubtedly every fishing rod and accessory in Shimano is of the best quality, but CDS70MA has been the talk of the town since its launch. This high-end fishing rod has plenty of features that make fishing enjoyable by giving you an edge.

So if you want to show your impressive fishing skills and enjoy fishing to the fullest, don’t forget to take Shimano Curado Spinning Rod CDSX70MA. Thank you, and enjoy fishing.

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