1. Shimano Nasci spinning reels for bass (Everything You should Know)

Shimano Nasci spinning reels for bass (Everything You Need To Know)

There are many spinning reels available, but the one making waves these days is Shimano Nasci spinning reels.

It’s a series of spinning reels especially known for their durability, affordability, and ease of use. 

However, what about getting Shimano Nasci spinning reels for bass fishing?

Will it be effective? Read this article to learn more about the Shimano Nasci spinning reel series.

What’s Shimano Nasci’s Spinning Reel?

Shimano is one of the best spinning reel series to give anglers a smooth performance and longevity.

These reels come in a sleek and compact design, which makes them easy to handle and use.   

They’re made using the HANGANE Body design concept, making them the most long lasting compared to those designed normally. 

The best thing about the Shimano Nasci series spinning reels is their many amazing features, including a smooth drag system, efficient line management, a range of gear ratios, and other advanced Shimano technologies. 

However, many ask if they can use the Shimano Nasci Spinning reels for bass fishing. So, can you use that for bass fishing?

Can You Use Shimano Nasci Spinning Reels For Bass Fishing?

Ofcourse, you can use Shimano Nasci spinning reels for bass fishing. They’re a good choice for anglers at this type of fishing due to their sturdy construction and their other features.

Shimano Nasci reels can cast soft plastics or crankbaits when bass fishing.

Let’s discuss the features of the Shimano Nasci spinning reel and know its effectiveness for bass fishing even better.

Features of Shimano Nasci Spinning reel

Features of Shimano Nasci Spinning reel

Below are the features that make the Shimano Nasci spinning reel best for bass fishing.

1. Versatility:

The Shimano Nasci spinning reels were launched with versatility in mind so that anglers don’t have to struggle to find different reels for different types of fishing.

Thus, it’s the best for other types of fishing and bass fishing. 

These spinning reels are great for all types of bass anglers, whether you throw lightweight or heavy lures.

2. HAGANE Body and G-Free Body Design:

As stated earlier, the Shimano reels are constructed using the HAGANE Body and G-free body design.

Because of these design concepts, The reel has a strong and durable frame, which can handle powerful runs and fights when fishing for bass. 

The design also shifts the center of gravity closer to the fishing rod, making it comfortable for a long time.

This is especially useful for bass anglers who make many casts in a row and need a reel that will be fine for them.

3. X-Ship Technology and HAGANE Gear:

If you’ve been a bass angler for a while, you may know how much power and strength is required.

The reel has to withstand all of the pressure and hard weather in the water, too, so it’s not just you that has to be strong.

Using the X-ship and hang gear technologies, the reel is smooth and powerful, and with the help of cold-forged gears, it can handle aggressive bass.

4. CoreProtect Technology:

Since there is a lot of water pressure in the bass fishing, it’s common for the water to damage the reel. With the help of the CoreProtect Technology, the Shimano Nasci spinning reels are resistant to water damage in various weather conditions. This is why they tend to last longer than other spinning reels.

5. Dyna-Balance Rotor:

It’s a pretty neat feature that helps reduce wobbling in your fishing reel, giving you a smooth and steady retrieve.

If you’re into bass fishing, you know it is important to have sensitive gear to detect the slightest bites or changes in the underwater environment. 

That’s where the Dyna-Balance Rotor comes in. It helps you feel more connected to what’s happening beneath the surface and respond more quickly to any bass activity.

These features make the Shimano Nasci spinning reels the best for bass fishing. However, there are some things that you need to consider while choosing the Shimano Spinning reels.

Things to consider while getting the Nasci spinning reel for bass.

Things to consider while getting the Nasci spinning reel for bass.

Don’t just pick up any of the Nasci spinning reels for bass. You must consider the following things to get the best reel for bass fishing.

1. Size

It’s important to keep your spinning reel size in mind to match the size of the bass you’re targeting and the lures you like to use.

A size 2000-2500 is perfect for finesse fishing with light lures and smaller bass, while a size 3000-4000 is best for heavier lures and bigger fish.

Also, checking out the gear ratio when looking for a bass fishing reel is important.

2. Gear Ratio:

As for gear ratio, higher ratios (5.0:1+) offer faster retrieves, which help you cover more water quickly. This is the way to go if you want to catch more fish in less time. 

However, if you’re after larger fish that require more cranking power, lower ratios (4.2:1-) are the way to go.

A medium ratio (4.6:1-4.8:1) balances speed and power well and is ideal for general bass fishing.

3. Features:

Other than these two things, you have to ensure that the spinning reel is chock-full of all of the required features, including the HANGANE GEAR AND X-SHIP, Drag system, line management system, Retrieval feel, CoreProtect technology and also smoothness.

4. Personal Preference:

You know better as an angler what type of spinning reel will be good for you. Every angler has a unique style of fishing and different sets of requirements.

Therefore, check the reel first or consider finding all the features in the spinning reel you use the most. 

Moreover, consider your budget as well. If you’re a beginner, I suggest you go for cheaper Shimano Nasci spinning reels for bass, as the high-end ones will cost you a lot more.

Final Words:

Shimano Nasci spinning reels are the best for bass fishing due to their HANGANE BODY, durability, affordability, smooth performance, and ability to withstand aggressive bass.

To choose the best Shimano Nasci spinning reels for bass, you must consider the size, the gear ratio, your personal preferences, and the budget. 

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