1. Shimano Spinning Reel Gear Ratio | Ultimate Guide 2024

It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for power or want to get fish as quickly as possible, you need a fishing reel with a suitable gear ratio.

For heavy tasks like bigger fish, you should always use a quality reel and if you want to know a name, the Shimano reel is an ideal one.

But you might face problems while determining the gear ratio, here we will go into detail about them and discuss the significant dimensions of gear ratio.

Shimano Spinning Reel Gear Ratio Ultimate Guide

Shimano Spinning Reel Gear Ratio

In the beginning, I will tell you about the brand Shimano then we will discuss the gear ratio. Basically, Shimano is a reputable brand known for manufacturing high-profile fishing tools and equipment.

One of the best fishing equipment this brand offers are fishing reels. But when it comes to fishing, people seem confused about the gear ratio.

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Shimano Spinning Reel Gear Ratio

Don’t worry, let me explain to you what is the gear ratio and then we will discuss it in detail. In simple words, the gear ratio is the specification in which we describe the speed of line retrieval.

The process of winding the line back on the spool after catching fish is considered line retrieval. Now you have a basic understanding of the gear ratio.

So I am moving forward to discover different levels of gear ratio and which level is the best.

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Gear Ratio And Its Levels

The number of times the rode or line will spin on the spool is the gear ratio.

A high gear ratio can improve the speed and provide you with faster line retrieval on the other hand the low gear ratio can take a bit more to come back on the boat.

Well, it does not mean the lower gear ratio is troublesome. But if you look at it logically, the fast gear ratio is suitable for catching quick-running fish like kingfish.

Shimano Spinning Reel Gear Ratio

In contrast, the low gear ratio decreases the speed but it is also part of the fishing techniques. According to expert anglers, the slow gear ratio is suitable for catching fish from the bottom of the river.

Therefore, you cannot claim one as superior over the other, instead, both of these ratios are there for multiple tasks. Here are a few gear ratios discussed in detail.

Power Gearing

I have used the power gearing mode multiple times for more power and torque. The ratio of power gearing is about 4:1 to 6:1.

Once you use the power gearing, you will understand how powerful it is. It offers 4 to 6 spool rotation and increases the strength of the retrieval line.

The power gearing is for bigger fish which require more power to lift up.

Power Gearing

If you want to catch bigger fish then power gearing is the best for you. I have caught musky, pike marlin, and tuna with help of this mode.

As these species are more powerful, you need more torque to take them on the boat. But power gearing is not suitable for small and it also slows the line retrieval.

High Gearing

Then comes the high gearing mode, the more powerful and speedy fishing system. It offers a 6:1 to 9:1 ratio, yes, it is far better than the power gearing. It provides faster speed and better tackling of heavy fish.

For example, if you are using the power gearing and the fish is able to trick you, then you would require more power and speed at the moment you caught it.

I have seen a significant difference between the high gearing and the power gearing. To be honest, the high gearing is better than the previous one in terms of speed and power.

There are many benefits of high gearing such as fast line retrieval. Sometimes, you are required to take the line back on the boat as soon as possible but because of slow line retrieval, you cannot accomplish your goal.

High Gearing

But high gearing provides quick retrieval of the line and enables the angler to wind the line as speedy as he can.

But it also comes with many disadvantages such as the high gearing has more risks to break the line because of more power and pressure.

Plus, the reel becomes uncontrollable sometimes in the state of quick service and high power.

Extra-High Gearing

It is the fastest and more powerful mode of a fishing reel. Usually, I do not use this mode because it is hard to control when you kick it off. But it is useful for a certain task, you can use it to catch fast-moving fish like wahoo.

Anyhow, it offers a 9:1 to 10:1 gearing ratio; this means your spool will turn the wind 9 times at once. Now you can imagine how fast and powerful the extra-high gearing is.

Extra-High Gearing

Frequently Asked Questions

In my opinion, the good gear ratio is 5:1 to 6:1. It is the most suitable gear ratio that allows you to catch small, medium, and a few large fish. But it is hard to determine a good gear ratio because different techniques require various gear ratios.

In the context of choosing the right gear ratio, you must notice aspects such as the fishing technique, target species, retrieval speed, and the condition of the water. Every river runs at a different speed than the other, therefore, choose one which suits all the above conditions.


Fishing can be the best hobby or job, if you take it as a hobby it will provide you with the fruits of entertainment and physical activity. On the other hand, for professional benefits, you must set your reel as a fish-catching beast.

To enhance the reel performance and catch fish as soon as possible, you need to set a suitable gear ratio. I have explained the three most significant gear ratios above and chosen one according to the conditions.

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