What Size Spinning Reel For Bass?—Ultimate Guide To Bass Fishing

To answer the question, “What size spinning reel for bass?” shortly, “The ideal size for bass fishing is 3000. Although the size can vary from one angler to another, none can deny that the sweet spot exists right around this size.” 

Spinning reels of size 3000 are the most versatile in their application. They are not limited to bass fishing and can be used for a variety of freshwater and even some saltwater species. 

My recommended size is not absolute and many anglers would argue hard that you can catch bass with a 2000 or even 1000-size spinning reel. 

What Size Spinning Reel For Bass—Ultimate Guide To Bass Fishing

While that can be true with special expertise, the size 3000 makes it easier for the user to tackle bass fish and also increases fishing applications. 

Let’s discuss these sizes in a bit more detail. 

What Size Spinning Reel is Best for Bass Fishing?

If you are new to fishing reels and don’t know much about the sizes, then don’t be confused by numbers ranging from 1000 to 10,000 on the size chart. 

In simple words, a smaller-sized reel is meant for a smaller fish and vice versa. 

Some brands use other variants of a size such as 10, 20, 30, etc. which are equivalent to 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. respectively. 

What Size Spinning Reel is Best for Bass Fishing

Let’s say you go fishing for a largemouth with 1000 sized spinning reel, you will find it impossible to catch the fish. Check Why Are Spinning Reels Left-Handed?

Although larger-sized fishing reels can be used for catching smaller fish, they are heavy and limit your finesse which causes strain on your hand. 

Using Size 1000 and 2000 Reels for Bass

You can use a size 1000 reel for catching bass, but you can’t go any lower than that. Spinning reels are also available in size 500, but that would make catching bass impossible. 

The lightweight reel provides you with more control of the line and increased sensitivity, but it creates problems when it comes to tangling or retrieving the line. 

The smaller spool size also poses various problems. Check Why Does My Spinning Reel Spin Both Ways?

However, because of the lightweight, there is less strain on your hands. 

The main problem with these smaller-sized reels is that they limit your fishing applications. You will only be able to go after small-sized bass fish, and won’t be able to tackle anything else. 

Using Size 3000 Spinning Reel for Bass

Although some brands do offer the 2500 reel size which is considered good for bass fishing, my recommendation is the 3000. 

It is ideal for bass fishing and offers the best value for your money. You can also fish for salmon, walleye, and even some saltwater species. 

Using Size 3000 Spinning Reel for Bass

So, versatility is the prime feature of size 3000 reels that have wide fishing applications. 

Hence, you won’t have to worry about getting larger reels later when going after bigger fish. 

Although the size is a bit bigger for smaller hands, which can make you tired sooner as compared to smaller-sized reels, the advantages trump the few shortcomings of this reel. 

There are fewer problems in tangling and also retrieving is much faster. 

If you want to go higher, you can even go to size 3500 or 4000 but no higher than that. That’s if you can handle a bigger reel. 

A bigger reel would also mean that you have to use a bigger rod, which we will come to later. 

Keep in mind not to go higher than size 4000 for bass fishing because it would be too much trouble and sort of an overkill for a fish like bass. You may also like to check Why Spinning Reels Are Better?

What size spinning reel for striped bass?

You can use the size 3000 spinning reel for striped bass as well. There are some pros who recommend going with larger sizes when fishing for striped species. 

However, in my opinion, the 3000 class reel is ideal. If you still want to go higher, you can go with the 3500 and 4000 class reels but no higher than that. 

The 3000 class reel size is ideal for striped bass as well and offers you the best value for the money. 

What size rod is ideal for a bass spinning reel?

The ideal rod size for a 3000 spinning reel would be between 6 and 7 ½ feet. The rod is good enough to pitch the bait. 

Keep in mind that tournaments for bass fishing do not allow rod sizes bigger than 8 feet. So, 7 and a half is the ideal size. 

What size rod is ideal for a bass spinning reel

However, if you are going with a reel that is bigger than size 3000, like 3500 or 4000 then you should go with a rod that is 10 feet in length. 

The rod will make casting longer lines easier and will also enable you to retrieve them much faster. 

What size line is good for a bass-spinning reel?

With a size 3000 spinning reel, an 8 to 12 pounds test monofilament or fluorocarbon line is the best. It has the perfect capability to tackle bass fish. But not alone.

The monofilament line is both lightweight and strong. It is perfect for finesses tactics and has enough strength to tackle large fish. 

However, sensitivity is really a big issue when it comes to monofilament lines. The stretch hinders bite detection and also the thickness of the line becomes a big issue. 

What size line is good for a bass-spinning reel

The fluorocarbon line has similar invisibility for finesses tactics and also has much higher sensitivity as compared to the monofilament, but it is harder to manage on a spinning reel. 

Also, the fluorocarbon line sinks, so you cannot use it for top water baits. 

So, which line will you use?

The best strategy is to use monofilament or fluorocarbon as the leader and use braid line as the mainline. 

What size braid is good for a bass spinning reel?

Braid is an ultra-strong line with a super thin diameter that has enjoyed much popularity over the years. However, it has high visibility. 

What size braid is good for a bass spinning reel

While with no stretch, the sensitivity of the braided line is the highest which allows for immediate bite detection but the high visibility factor creates an issue. 

To tackle this, anglers use monofilament or fluorocarbon line as the leader and braid as the main line. 

A braided line anywhere between 6 to 14 pounds test is ideal for a size 3000 spinning reel and a 7-and-a-half foot rod. 

Other Things to Consider in Spinning Reel for Bass

Here are some of the things that you must consider when shopping for a good spinning reel for bass.

Other Things to Consider in Spinning Reel for Bass


There are tons of manufacturers out there which thousands of spinning reels to offer. So, for a beginner, it is impossible to know which ones are the best. 

I recommend going with Shimano or Daiwa spinning reels. Both brands ensure the highest quality and performance and are constantly competing with each other. 

When all factors are considered, Shimano beats Daiwa in terms of performance and price. 

Shimano spinning reels are made from high-quality materials and offer finesses and durability like no other. 

However, Shimano reels are also considered above average price point, which they do justify with their premium features. 

For those who are looking for the best value under a low budget, Pflueger is a good brand. They have spinning reels that offer good value under a budget-friendly price point. 


Versatility is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to purchasing a fishing reel. 

Anglers and fishermen often argue that baitcasters are better for all kinds of fishing. 

Well, that might be true for experienced anglers, but beginners will really struggle with that concept. 

You need a reel that has versatile functionality and won’t be limited to single-specie fishing. 

A size 3000 spinning reel is not only versatile but also offers a wide range of fishing applications. 

So, you won’t have to worry about changing the reel when going after a different fishing specie in the big lake or inshore saltwater. 

Ease of Use

The biggest problem with baitcaster reels is the learning curve. They are difficult to get a hold of and most anglers have spent years practicing their skill. 

If you are new to fishing, then going with a baitcasting reel could be a bad decision. 

That’s why choosing a spinning reel is mandatory for beginners. The spinning reel is easier to learn and easier to use. 

The size 3000 spinning reel would prove to be the best for bass fishing. Beginners won’t have much of a problem handling it, and they will be able to practice for hours, even landing a good bass on their first day. 

Premium Features

If you have a good budget, you can go with spinning reels that offer some of the modern refinements which make fishing easier and a lot more fun. 

With advanced technological upgrades in your spinning reel casting, retrieving and tackling would become much easier. 

You will experience fewer hurdles when fishing for bass and will be able to land bigger fish quickly. These refinements will provide you with an edge over other beginners. 

But they cost money, so be prepared to spend a couple of hundred on them. 

What size Shimano spinning reel is good for bass?

What size Shimano spinning reel is good for bass

As discussed above, the size 3000 spinning reel is ideal for bass fishing. There is a variety of sub-brand series by Shimano that you can choose from. 

Shimano Sedona 2500 is in a sweet spot and perfectly suits bass fishing. The premium features of this spinning reel overcome the minute difference in size. 

If you have a good budget, you can go with prominent Shimano brands like Stradic or Vanford, which cost above 200 dollars. You will get access to some of the more refined and upgraded features. 

But for low-budget users, the Sedona series is perfect. Just remain near size 3000 and you will get your ideal reel for bass fishing. 

What size Pflueger spinning reel is good for bass?

The Pflueger SP35X is good enough for bass fishing. The size 3500 of this series lies in the perfect sweet spot for fishing bass. 

This particular model comes with premium features in a low budget range which allows beginners to get the best value for their money. 

What size Pflueger spinning reel is good for bass

With efficient design and ergonomics, fishing with this spinning reel is a lot easier than with some competitors at high price points. 

However, it is missing some of the refinements that are often preferred in spinning reels. But, considering all the factors, it offers much more than one would expect under this price point. 

What size Pflueger President spinning reel is good for bass?

What size Pflueger President spinning reel is good for bass

While the Pflueger President series is more suitable for lightweight fish, the size P25 or 2500 is good enough for bass fishing. 

It has enough drag power to tackle a decent size bass. 

The larger spool size increases your options in fishing, allowing you to go after a variety of other fish as well. 

Also, the reel has a greater casting distance and faster retrieval speed compared to the previous models. 

With as many as 10 ball bearings, the spinning reels provide one of the smoothest performances while fishing. 

You will be surprised to know that the reel comes at an amazingly low price range.

However, you won’t be able to go after larger-sized bass or largemouth bass with this spinning reel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not too big, but you should not go any higher than the 4000-size reel. 4000 is the max limit for bass fishing, and anything higher would be overkill. Even the size 4000 will be tough on the smaller hands. 

Yes, 2500 size is the beginning of the sweet spot for bass fishing. The reel has an ideal drag limit and can catch you a decent size bass. But, I do recommend size 3000 reels as they are better and more suited for bass fishing. 

The size 2000 reel can be used for bass fishing, but they are only suitable for smaller-sized freshwater fishes. So, you can’t hope to land a big-size fish with this reel. However, it does put less strain on your hand, allowing for more casting comfort. 

The size 3000 class reel is ideal for bass fishing. If you are confused about the brand, you can choose between Shimano, Daiwa, or Pflueger. We have shared some options above. I always recommend Shimano. 

Wrapping Up!

Spinning reels of size 3000 are perfect for bass fishing. The size 3000 offers the highest versatility and can be used for a wide range of fishing applications. 

You can use a larger or smaller spinning reel based on personal preferences.

Experienced anglers and fishermen can also use baitcaster reels for fishing bass. 

In short, if you have the skill, any reel will be good enough for tackling bass, but in my recommendation size, a 3000 spinning reel is just the right one for everyone. 

If you have any questions, you can drop them in the comments section below and I will get back to you. 

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