3 Reasons to Why Does My Reel Keep Spinning Problem and Solutions

Fishing reels are designed to spin both ways, just not at the same time. If you have ever used a fishing reel, you would know that the reel spins in the opposite direction while casting, and in reverse while reeling. However, sometimes due to some problem, your reel can spin both ways.

When this happens, you won’t be able to use the reel anymore unless you fix the problem. That’s where I come in. In my experience, there can be three possible reasons to why does my reel keep spinning question.

Why Does My Reel Keep Spinning

You can solve each of these problems yourself with a basic hardware kit.

So, let’s discuss them one by one.

3 Reasons Regarding Why Does My Reel Keep Spinning?

1. The Anti-Reverse Mechanism

Just like the name, the anti-reverse mechanism stops the spool from spinning in the reverse direction. There is an anti-reverse switch on your reel that makes it so.

The switch was designed for reels that spin in both directions. Also, most of the time, when your reel doesn’t stop spinning, it is because of a fault in the anti-reverse mechanism.

The Anti-Reverse Mechanism

When casting a line, the anti-reverse mechanism is turned off. So, the spool allows the reel to spin backward and the line will come off the spool.

Once you have cast the line, you can turn the anti-reverse switch on, and it will prevent the line from coming off.

Hence, you will be able to reel the line when you hook a fish, and the anti-reverse will help you by not letting the line reel in opposite direction.

If your reel is spinning in both directions, then you have to check whether you have switched on the anti-reverse switch.

If yes, then there is a problem in the system or maybe it malfunctioned. So, you will have to take it apart piece by piece and make sure all the components are in good shape.

There might be a broken component or misalignment of components. Putting them back together in the correct positioning will repair it.

If the broken component is beyond repair, you will either have to buy replacement components or another reel. Check How Do I Stop My Reel From Spinning Backwards?

2. The Bail is Broken

Bail is a u-shaped wire-like switch that you must have observed on reels that spin in both directions.

The basic purpose of the bail is to stop the reel from spinning backward. It is switched on one side while casting, and on the other while reeling in.

So, there might be a problem with the bail if your reel doesn’t stop spinning.

The Bail is Broken

First of all, make sure that the bail is set in the right position. You can test it in both positions to know which one works in which direction.

If the reel still keeps spinning in both directions, then you should take the bail apart and look for broken components. You may also like to check What Size Spinning Reel Should I Get

Repair any broken components and make sure they are well placed in proper alignment. Once you do that, the bail will start functioning normally.

3. Drag Limit is not set correctly or Drag is Broken

If both of the above problems don’t ring a bell, then there is only one thing left. There might be a problem with the drag.

The drag is responsible for creating a pressure limit for your reel so that the line doesn’t break.

Once the fish breaks that limit, the reel will spin in opposite direction to keep the line from breaking.

Drag Limit is not set correctly or Drag is Broken

So, if your drag limit is not set right, or if the drag is broken, that means even a little amount of pressure will allow the reel to spin in the opposite direction.

Hence, you must set the drag limit and calibrate it properly to get desired results.

If you believe you have done so, then your drag is surely broken. You need to take it apart and check for broken components. Check Can You Use Spinning Reel For Trolling?

Replace the broken components and then the drag should work just fine. You can always take it to a professional for repair.

Can I fix the broken reel at home?

Fixing reels is complex, but not that complex. These days you can find a detailed video on fixing anything on YouTube.

Also, I will be sharing detailed guides on this page on how to fix each problem regarding fishing reels in detail.

You can always take your reel to a professional to get it repaired or purchase a new one, but fixing them yourself gives you a lot of insight into how they actually work. It also increases your mental efficiency as an angler or fisher.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your reel keeps spinning in the opposite direction or backward, it is because of one of these three reasons: the anti-reverse is not working, the bail isn’t working or the drag is broken. We have discussed these issues in detail in the article above.

There might be a problem with bail or anti-reverse mechanism. Make sure that the switch is turned on. If your reel still keeps spinning, then you have to take it apart and make sure that all the components are in good shape and accurate position.

You will have to check for broken components in bail, anti-reverse system, or drag. To do that, you will have to take the reel apart using a screwdriver and repair or replace any broken components.

Fixing the anti-reverse system or switching on a spinning reel is complex but it can be done at home. All you need is a screwdriver to open it and then if any of the parts are broken, you need to get replacement parts for them.

If your spinning reel is loose or keeps spinning in the opposite direction it is because the mechanism that is supposed to stop it is not working. Read our above guide for more details on this problem.

The anti-reverse mechanism prevents your reel from spinning in the opposite direction. Make sure it is turned off while casting and turned on while reeling. If the problem persists, then check out the solutions we discussed above.

Wrapping Up!

Reels are designed to spin in both directions, but not at the same time. There are mechanisms to stop the reel from spinning in the opposite direction.

So, if your reel keeps spinning even when the bail or anti-reverse is on, then you have to repair the mechanism by unscrewing the reel and repairing broken components.

Also, you might have not calibrated the drag accurately. Check that too, and if the drag is broken, you will have to repair it.

Fixing these problems can be a bit complex, but with the help of our detailed guide, you won’t have any issues. Also, you can watch repairing videos on YouTube to do it at home.

Let us know in the comments if you were able to figure it out.

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