Power Knobs- Best Reel Handles For Shimano Spinning Reels (2024 Guide)

Power Knobs- Best Reel Handles For Shimano Spinning Reels  (2024 Guide)

Discover the ultimate angling experience with power knobs on Shimano spinning reels.

Effortlessly reel in your catch with precision using EVA knobs. We, the passionate anglers, upgrade our fishing reels when we feel discomfort in fishing.

This discomfort may be in the form of losing fish or failing to reel them in.

Many anglers use Shimano spinning reels and its various models for different fishing techniques.

However, in all models, having a comfortable and good knob is necessary for an enjoyable fishing experience.

Reel knobs, also known as power knobs or reel handles, come in various materials, shapes, and sizes.

They are attached to the reel handle to provide a good grip and more torque so that anglers have a smoother reel operation, particularly when they are fighting larger fish. 

In this article, I will discuss some of the best reel knobs for Shimano reels, how the right knob can improve our fishing performance, and how we can choose the perfect knob for our Shimano spinning reel.

1-EVA Power Knobs

EVA Power Knobs

The popular EVA Power Knobs are used by anglers for an increased grip on their spinning reels.

These fishing handles are ideal for anglers who go on long fishing trips to catch larger species because these are made of EVA foam which absorbs vibrations and sweat. 

The EVA Power Knob is compatible with most Shimano reels that have a 30mm screw-in shaft.

For example, Vortex from Jigging World is available on Amazon and is compatible with Shimano Stella 2010 models, Ultegra, Cardiff, Biomaster, etc. 

The EVA Power knobs reduce hand fatigue, and your sensitivity level is increased.

You feel more nibbles, bites, and movements on your fishing line, and hence, you respond to them more quickly and accurately as well. 

They are easy to install and remove with just the help of pliers or a screwdriver.

However, these knobs are not made for abrasive or muddy waters as they easily get dirty and damaged. Additionally, they can’t provide enough torque for heavier fishing.

2- T-Bar Power Handle

T-Bar Power Handle

When I go fishing for larger species, where I need more leverage, control, and comfort too, I choose the T-Bar Power Handle.

It’s made with a combination of aircraft-grade aluminum and EVA foam which makes me feel comfortable even with wet hands.

You get a universal fitting kit with it, having different-sized shafts, washers, and screws.

With it, you can fit this power knob well with various kinds of spinning reels, including Shimano.

The T-Bar power reel knob has more torque and cranking power compared to other traditional handles.

This increased cranking power helps anglers retrieve their line faster. This reel handle reduces hand fatigue, particularly when fighting with larger species.

However, this knob is expensive and doesn’t suit anglers who prefer a lightweight setup.

3- Round Power Knobs

This knob is made with machined aluminum and hard-anodized finish and is mostly preferred for saltwater fishing.

It is round in shape, resistant to wear and corrosion, and compatible with Shimano spinning reels with a 5mm screw-in shaft.

It’s lightweight and can be easily installed with only a wrench or screwdriver. It increases the cranking power of the reel without compromising its balance. 

It remains comfortable with a strong grip even in wet hands, therefore supporting anglers in demanding fishing situations with accuracy.

It’s available in different sizes and colors, giving a customized look to your fishing reel.

However, its leverage is less than advanced knobs like the T-Bar power knob.

Moreover, it may feel small or plain, therefore, it is mostly used by female anglers including my wife.  

4- Paddle Power Handle

For catching bigger and faster fish with less effort, the Paddle Power knob has always been a part of my best Shimano spinning reel.

It’s a comfy, wide-grip knob and is made of aluminum and rubber. It fits most reels with a 7mm nut on the shaft.

Its larger surface area distributes pressure evenly, preventing blisters or cramps. The only disadvantage is its bulkier size and higher price.

5- Ecooda Hornet Power Knobs

The ECOoda Hornet Power Knob is an advanced knob with Teflon coating.  It reduces noise and shock on your reel with its unique vibration damping system.  

The advanced feature is, it can rotate 360 degrees so we can adjust the angle and position for comfort.

It fits most reels with a 5mm shaft and easily installed or replaced only with the help of a screw. 

Key Consideration For Selecting Power Knob for Shimano Spinning Reels

Key Consideration For Selecting Power Knob for Shimano Spinning Reels

Consider the following factors while choosing a power knob making a perfect rod and reel combo. 


Your knob should be compatible with the shaft diameter of Shimano reel and threading type.


Always select a power knob which is made with corrosion-resistant material such as stainless steel, aluminum, or high-density plastic.

Shape and Size: 

Select a power knob that generally suits your hand size and also matches your grip style.


The selection of a reel handle also depends on the angler’s fishing approach.

For smaller fish, a lightweight knob works best, while for larger fish, a heavy knob with high cranking power and greater leverage should be selected.


A paddle power reel handle works best to catch Mahi-mahi fish because of its large surface area.

No, we don’t recommend using EVA knobs because they’re prone to damage and dirt.

Knobs made with stainless steel and aluminum are generally considered durable.


You can improve your fishing experience by choosing the right power knob for your Shimano spinning reels.

Whether you want more leverage, comfort, or style, there’s a knob out there for you.

Don’t forget to consider compatibility, material, size, and certainly your budget when picking a knob.

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