Reel Spools- Buying Spare Spools For Best Shimano Reels (2024)

Reel Spools- Buying Spare Spools For Best Shimano Reels (2024)

Discover the importance of reel spools & spare spools, essential fishing gear for versatile angling. Upgrade your fishing equipment today.

Fishing is always versatile, with different types of fish in various waters. You may chase smaller fish in small waters and more powerful species in larger waters.

To tackle these changing fishing conditions, you need to switch between different lines and weights. Despite changing reels and rods, a quick switch to a spare spool will fulfill your needs. 

Reel spools are an essential component of fishing gear. In this article, we’ll talk about types of spools and from where we can get this extra fishing gear.

Types of Spinning Spools

Standard Spools: 

These are reel spools that come with your Shimano spinning reel when you purchase it. They go perfectly with the reel you’re purchasing and are designed for specific line weight and length. 

Spare Spools: 

These are extra gear that anglers purchase as their backups in case their original ones break or for versatile fishing to switch between different types of fishing without changing their rod or reel.

The key is to search for the exact model that is compatible with your current fishing equipment.

Specialized Spools: 

These include shallow and deep spools. Anglers use them for special fishing conditions, such as for lighter and heavier lines. 

Reel Spools- Compatibility With Spinning Reels

The compatibility of this extra gear with your reel is important to fit perfectly and stay put. Each spare spool is made for a specific amount of fishing line to help in casting and reeling. 

Matching spools make fishing easier and improve skills. Spare spools also keep the reel light, reducing fatigue.

It’s worth mentioning that good reels have a quick-change system that supports you to switch spools fast. 

A few years ago, shimano reels used to come with extra spools. In this way, anglers could use different types or weights of fishing lines by interchanging spools.

However, Shimano have now stopped including extra spools with reels.

Where To Buy Spools For Shimano Spinning Reels

Where To Buy Spools For Shimano Spinning Reels

If you want to purchase online, then you can go to these forums.

Shimano Official Website:

The first place is the Shimano website. You can visit their official website You can find your required reel spool after searching their model number.

Authorized Dealers: 

In addition to the official website, Shimano authorized dealers are another online forum where you not only get authentic fishing gear but staff also assists you to find the right gear. 

Other Websites:

There are many websites like Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, and Tackle Warehouse where anglers can check for the best Shimano spinning reel and a variety of fishing gear.

You can make a purchasing decision after comparing prices and ensuring the product’s quality by reading reviews.

Tackle Shops: 

If you want to see spools physically or get advice from knowledgeable staff, a tackle shop is the best option.

In addition to rod and reel combo, you can find a variety of spools that are compatible with different Shimano reel models.

In addition to modern spools, some enthusiastic anglers still prefer to fish with vintage reels. It would be a challenging thing for them to find Vintage spools.

It’s hard to find vintage spools on such online websites or in fishing shops. 

However, eBay and some online retailers and websites sell vintage spools. Another way is to attend fishing events and expos focused on vintage reels and fishing equipment.

How To Change The Spare Shimano Spools

Here’s how you will go to change spools while you’re fishing.

  • First of all, you need a rubber band. Wrap the line around the spool and tie it to a rubber band. 
  • If you have a front drag reel, unscrew the drag.
  • Take off the old spool.
  • Now, put the new spool onto the reel exactly in the same place as the old one.
  • Put the drag back on and tighten it until you feel a bit of resistance on turning the spool.
  • Put the fishing line around the bail and through the guides.
  • Attach the fish scale to something sturdy nearby, like a post or a tree branch.
  • And lastly, tie the end of the line to the fish scale and adjust the drag.

Advantages Of Extra Spinning Spools

Advantages Of Extra Spinning Spools

Adaptability & Verstlity: Having extra shimano spools is helpful. If you want to use different types of fishing lines while fishing, having an extra spool instead of another reel is better.

It takes up less space, weighs less, cheaper, and enables you for versatile fishing.

  • Efficiency: Having extra spools is like having insurance. If you accidentally damage one while fishing, you don’t have to wait for a new one. 

Quickly changing spools saves time and increases your chances of catching big fish.

  • Durability: you can protect your original spool to last longer by using extra fishing equipment.


Do Shimano spinning reels come with extra spools?

No, they have discontinued providing extra spinning spools. You can only get spare spools from Shimano directly.

What happens if I over spool my fishing reel?

Your chances to wind knots are increased which results in losing many meters of your braid. 

Can I get the spare spool of every Shimano reel; new or vintage?

Yes, you almost get spools of every reel shimano built in the last two decades. 

How to set the drag of my spinning reel while changing the spool?

Set the drag at 15% of the line weight and avoid pulling the line too hard.


Having Extra reel spools for Shimano spinning reels make anglers versatile and convenient on the water.

Whether you’re looking to switch between different lines or adapt to changing fishing conditions, having spare spools in your fishing equipment can enhance your fishing experience.

So next time you’re gearing up for a day on the water, consider investing in some extra spools for your Shimano spinning reel.

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