Salmon Fishing- Best Shimano Spinning Reel For Salmon ( 2024 )

Salmon Fishing- Best Shimano Spinning Reel For Salmon ( 2024 )

Discover top-quality fishing gear and reels for salmon fishing. Explore our selection of salmon reels and essential fishing gear for your next adventure.

Salmon, with their size and strength, are mighty fish found in swift rivers. As anglers, we know that underestimating these fish can lead to disappointment.

The power of salmon in terms of their lengthy runs and big head shakes can quickly overwhelm inadequate equipment, especially the reel.

For salmon, anglers choose a Shimano reel as a safe bet. They make some of the finest spinning reels in the world.

These reels come in range from 500 to 4000. It’s daunting for anglers to navigate through the sizes.

Therefore, we step in to help you find the perfect spinning reel size for your fishing adventures. 

For salmon, it’s best to look no further than the size 4000 Shimano spinning reel because they’re considered as the best choice.

Such reels offer a powerful drag system, durability, and ample line capacity to tackle even the largest salmon in any river.

In this article, we’ve got you covered with our top Shimano picks for the salmon reels.

Four Shimano Reels For Salmon Fishing

The price of the Sustain FJ may surprise you, but it’s one of Shimano’s spinning reels that offers great value for the money.

It comes in various sizes suitable for every Salmon fishing. Its powerful yet ultra-smooth carbon drag maintains its smoothness even in the toughest conditions. 

The reel features a special rotor for smooth starting and a long spool for casting far. Its aluminum body prevents the reel from bending when catching a big, strong salmon.

Shimano Sienna SN4000 FG- Affordable Reel For Salmon Fishing

The Shimano Sienna is another fantastic option if you’re seeking affordable fishing gear with excellent modern engineering.

With a 5.2:1 gear ratio, monofilament line, and anti-reverse feature, it ensures that you have good control over your line during retrieval and do not lose fish.

Shimano Sedona 4000XG

The Shimano Sedona is one of the best Shimano spinning reels and considered as a reliable reel for salmon fishing due to its 24-pound drag power, which can catch heavy fish.

The 6.2:1 gear ratio ensures high retrieval speed, which performs well particularly when dealing with fast salmon that require quick reeling. 

Additionally, the PowerPro Line Cap of 30/170 and 50/150 enhances its suitability for tough fish and anglers can fish with versatile line strength and capacity.

Shimano Stradic 2500FL

Usually, reels with 4000 sizes are considered perfect for salmon fishing, but the Stradic 2500FL hit the mark due to its mono line capacity and braid fishing line capacity.

The maximum drag of the Shimano Stradic is 20 lbs and line retrieval of 35 inches, you can quickly reel in your lure after casting it.

The crux of the matter, the mono line capacity ranges from 6/200 to 10/120, making this reel perfect fishing gear for fishing smaller to larger fish.

Similarly, the braid fishing line capacities are 10/150, 15/145, and 30/100, making it suitable for rough fishing and tackling big game fish where stronger lines are required to handle large fish.

Essential Fishing Gear Factors For Salmon Fishing 

Essential Fishing Gear Factors For Salmon Fishing 

The reel is an important fishing gear in salmon fishing. The anglers should consider the following factors regarding the salmon reel.


Most anglers prefer the 4000 size due to its flexibility and ability to handle unexpected catches both in lake and river fishing.

Line Capacity

The salmon reel’s size determines its line capacity. For salmon, a 15 lb mono line or 20-30 lb braid is common and your spinning reel can hold at least 150 yards of this line diameter.


Which size salmon reel the anglers should choose? Well, it depends on the type of water they’re fishing in.

For slow to moderate currents, a size 3000 or 3500 spinning reel is suitable.

However, for medium to large rivers and lakes with moderate to fast currents, a size 4000 reel is the best choice.


Don’t ignore the importance of the drag of a salmon reel. A weak drag won’t be able to stop or control fast fish during their runs and you may lose fish.

On the other hand, a strong drag gives you full control over the fight.


Salmon are strong fish and put a lot of pressure on the fishing gear. Therefore, you should buy a reel of decent quality that lasts for many years.


Bigger reels can put pressure on the wrist, which becomes a real issue over time. Fortunately, Shimano reels are lightweight, and you can hold them for hours without discomfort.


Size 4000 is the best for salmon reels.

A gear ratio of 6:0 and above is best for maintaining tension on the line while the salmon is running towards the boat.

For heavy fishing, you’ll always need a durable spinning reel and compatible fishing rod.


When it comes to catching salmon in rivers, Shimano spinning reels are the go-to choice because they’re so versatile.

Whether you’re fishing near the river mouth or further upstream, these reels work well for all kinds of salmon fishing.

These are made with durable yet lightweight material that helps you tackle any salmon fishing adventure for hours with confidence.

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